For Current and Prospective Chapter Leaders & Members

The Marketplace Multipliers: Stories of Faith and Influence in the Workplace

  • Written in the pages of this book are stories of women and men of different generations, ethnicities, and financial means. They represent a variety of work environments, positions, passions, and personalities.
  • Yet, a common thread unites their stories—an intentionality for integrating faith and work, making disciples, and multiplying the kingdom.
  • Unleash your God-given design and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead to make a difference in your world.

The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations

  • The Q Place provides church leader training and small group studies on what they call The 9 Arts of Spiritual Conversations. Rooted in the life and teachings of Jesus, their resources will help leaders and small group members talk about God with anyone.

Business As Mission

  • Business as Mission is “a community of those building God’s kingdom through business, among the most vulnerable, most disadvantaged and most out of reach of the gospel in our neighborhoods and around the world today.” 

The Stone Table

  • The Stone Table is an organization that uses business to equip Christians in connecting their work to the mission of God. They also leverage their partnerships to resource and support global missions in the field of business.
  • Check out The Stone Table’s resources that help expand the Christian’s imagination as they strive to integrate their work and faith, both on a local and global level.

Institute of Faith, Work, and Economics

  • An easily accessible site with content to help deepen your biblical understanding of work, and how it fits into the modern, Western Christian’s life.
  • Explore research articles with titles such as “Examining Jesus’ Inclusion of Work Roles in his Parables”, or read publications titled “Christians’ Role in ‘Fixing’ Capitalism”.
  • IFWE’s resources are varied in topic and many in number, and the information is valuable regardless of your level of involvement in the MM movement.

For Pastors and Church Leaders

Made to Flourish

  • Made to Flourish exists to “empower pastors and their churches to integrate faith, work, and economic wisdom for the flourishing of their communities.”
  • Made to Flourish highlights and host various conferences and events related to pastoral leadership development, social justice, community engagement, and more. Explore their website for content they have developed to “close the gap between Monday and Sunday”.

For Business Leaders

Truth at Work

  • A consulting organization whose mission is to support Christian business owners and leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives grow as leaders and as followers of Christ.
  • Truth at Work provides higher commitment opportunities for business leaders interested in leadership training, as well as a podcast, and former conference videos.

For Young Professionals


  • Workmatters, a nonprofit organization, specializes in equipping Christians who are just starting out in their careers with tools and resources that help them integrate their faith and work, regardless of the industry they are in.
  • Check out Workmatters’ various on-demand videos, small group study guides, conference teaching videos, devotionals, mentoring programs and more to increase your biblical understanding of God’s design for work, and God’s desire for your role in the marketplace as a Christian.